On behalf of the team at Good Health I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your efforts in making the recent "Surviving Modern Living" seminars such a great success.

The feedback we are receiving from customers all over NZ has been amazing. Most were not expecting such a high quality presentation and event, you have certainly made quite a few new fans.

So thank you once again for your time and effort, which I know was extensive.


Kim Batley – Good Health Products

I am writing to thank you very much for a most interesting and informative presentation yesterday at our Metalcraft Roofing Conference.

The feedback has been very positive and everybody seems to have got a lot out of it. It is such a large topic to discuss that I'm sure we could have listened to you for much longer.

Once again thank you.


John Williams – Managing Director, United Industries Limited

I wanted to express my appreciation for your input over the last 18 months.

In my experience there are few people in the beauty industry who understand what’s required to publish a magazine of this quality and who are prepared to work diligently and consistently to help us maintain that quality.

You, however, have proved the exception. Your copy is always of relevance to our readers, it is well researched and written at a level beauty therapists can understand. You have the gift of being able to deliver complex technical material in layman’s terms.

I have also appreciated how closely you have worked to the briefs I have provided and how you have written quality articles that exactly matched what I asked for. Very few writers are able to do this, and you have lightened this editor’s load considerably.

Not only that but you are always easy to deal with, have never let me down at the last moment and understand the importance of deadlines. For an editor, these are rare and cherished qualities in a contributor.

So, thank you so much for all your hard work, I have appreciated it more than I can say.

With warm wishes

Lynnaire Johnston – Editor, BeautyNZ Magazine

Dr Frances Pitsilis is a fascinating speaker. She is down to earth, and very straight forward but passionate about health and wellbeing. Her attitude and practice is unique in that as a Doctor she is not just interested in dealing with the flu or your headache. She advocates and is vastly knowledgeable about being as healthy as possible and therefore having a quality of life. I could listen to her message over and over and my observation is that her audiences are captivated. How refreshing!!!

Christine Rankin – Managing Director of The Rankin Group (and a very fortunate patient)

Not everyone is equipped to talk in a public setting or on the radio. Frances is the ideal communicator for radio, for two reasons. One is the clarity of her voice, which is absolutely paramount for the radio, and the other is her passion and commitment as a caring doctor. Frances reminds me of a steam train – once she gets a head of steam up, there is no stopping her! When you combine her talent for expressing herself, and the knowledge she is continually attaining, there is a potent mix for an extremely professional presenter.

Raylene Ramsey – Easy Mix Breakfast 98.2 FM

I wanted to congratulate you…. Your refreshing approach as MC had everyone at ease and ensured that a smooth flowing, hard hitting and extremely inspiring evening was enjoyed by all… I look forward to working with you in the future.

Geoff Sewell – CEO and former creator/ lead singer of Amici Forever

I have been fortunate enough to hear Frances speak on a number of topics. Her enthusiasm for what she believes in is evident in her speaking and contagious to her audience. Her knowledge on all things skin is nothing short of amazing.

Andrea Eagles – Laser Nurse

From the Superwoman workshops
The experience on this day helped to find my life purpose and develop a plan for a new career shift. Frances’ experience and facilitation was wonderful – group trust was established early and allowed group dynamics to be optimised. Congratulations Frances and well done.
Pat Armitstead – President, National Speakers Association, NZ

Excellent presentation - very comprehensive, thorough, logical and applicable to me. Well organised seminar with excellent variety. Lots of practical tools for help. Doing the homework exercises should help to consolidate my ideas on a balanced lifestyle and living a better life. Thank you very much Frances. It was great!
Barbara Whitley – Special Teacher

I have got so much from this course, I would have paid $1000 for what I have learnt or more… I feel I am at a turning point and with your skills – will now be able to move forward. You are an excellent presenter and obviously knowledgeable and experienced on the subject which makes a difference. Many thanks.

Tina Noaks – Executive Assistant, North Shore City Council

From Platinum Gym seminars
Your presentation was very professional and well prepared and your delivery style was relaxed enough so members felt confident to ask questions and comment along the way. Members commented on how they not only learned a lot but also really enjoyed the evening as well and the humour you injected into your talk made sure everyone had a good time… and the diagrams made some quite technical explanations easy to grasp for the lay person. Everyone enjoyed the meditation session – you made it so easy to do.

From the doctors stress management and self development workshops around NZ
A real powerhouse of topics and content. It was really well created for the audience, and as such, has potential to get under a few skins...and some behaviour changes, and some more contented minds could follow’ (from the Anaesthetic Tutor Specialist of Waikato Hospital) ‘valuable pieces dispersed throughout for the individual‘.

From National Dentists workshops
It was relaxed, non threatening, and a very pleasant way to spend 4 1/2 hours, and really good for me. I‘ve been to other courses of this type not all of which I related to as well as this. You know your subject very well and your medical background adds a lot to your presentation. You provide real solutions for real people – not ‘airy fairy mumbo jumbo’ as some I have heard do. This type of seminar should be actively promoted… but care should be exercised in choice of presenter. This one is excellent. Many may not be up with this subject matter. Very impressed. Enjoyed especially the conversational style of presentation.

From Kaitaia Intermediate school workshop
You had it all. Do another one and I’ll be there. Enjoyed every bit of it. Thought you were great and really knew your stuff on stress and depression.




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