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Everybody is a huge general health resource containing information about NZ support groups, health topics and other information.

New Zealand Ministry of Health

The NZ MOH site is New Zealand’s public health resource. It includes health advice, as well as health legislation and what is going on in terms of health care delivery in communities.

New Zealand Health Information Service

This site has NZ health data, statistics and information.


Medsafe is the NZ medicines and medical devices safety authority. The site contains a wealth of information including detailed information on drugs. This is where you can look up your drugs for side effects.

Health and Safety site of Dept of Labour

This site contains a huge amount of health and safety information, more specifically for the workplace.

NIOSH – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health USA

A comprehensive resource site for Occupational Health and Safety.

World Health Organization – New Zealand

The WHO site NZ links to the central site, and gives worldwide information about health, disease outbreaks, and other health related information.

Health and Disability Commissioner

This site explains your rights as a health consumer. It is aimed at helping improve the quality of health care in NZ and to help promote and protect your rights as a health consumer.


Breast Health New Zealand

Contains everything about breast health in NZ.

Cancer Society of NZ

News and information about what the Cancer society is doing.

Allergy NZ

Information, support and resources about all forms of allergy.

Alzheimers Auckland

Information and resources about Alzheimers disease for Aucklanders.

Alzheimers NZ

Information and resources from the central NZ organization for Alzheimers Disease.


Information and resources about stopping smoking in the community.

Asthma NZ

Information and resources about Asthma.

Coeliac Society NZ

Information, resources and support for Coeliac Disease sufferers.

Diabetes NZ

Information and resources about Diabetes.

New Zealand Liver Transplant Recipients‘

Site for liver transplant recipients set up by beneficiaries of liver transplants; has information on the liver, fact sheets, stories of recipients, support groups, donors, symptoms, etc.

Mental Health Foundation

Contains resources and information about mental health.


Information and resources about the Autistic spectrum diseases.

MS Society of NZ

Information, resources and support for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.

Neurological Foundation of NZ

Information and resources about all neurological and brain conditions.

Parkinsons Society of NZ

Information and resources for Parkinsons disease sufferers.

Sleep NZ

Web site that has information about sleep medicine including sleep apnoea, upper airway resistance syndrome, sleep disorder, hypertension and heart problems, Epworth sleepiness test, overnight sleep test, mandibular advancement device, etc.

Centers for Disease Control – Traveler’s Health

This is an extremely valuable site for travelers. It contains detailed information about destinations, vaccinations, precautions, and diseases.

The National Depression Initiative

The National Depression Initiative has an interactive website with focus on self management. It provides a self-test and detailed information about depression and New Zealand options for management and treatment in the form of a "journey" that users can take to "get through" depression. It features video clips of New Zealanders who talk about their experiences and what they found helpful.

The Low Down

An interactive website for young people featuring a self test, fact sheets, a moderated message board to enable peer support, and video clips from popular musicians and high profile young sports people talking about their experiences of depression. The site enables access to a team of counsellors who provide email, phone, webcam and text-based support services for young people.

Crohn's and Colitis New Zealand

Crohn's and Colitis New Zealand is a charitable trust whose aims are to provide support, advice and information to interested individuals and people who have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis and their families and caregivers, and educational material to medical professionals and organisations within New Zealand.



Dr Joseph Mercola USA

A controversial but informative Integrated Medicine website from USA.


NZ Health Trust

An independent charitable trust devoted to wider knowledge and choice when it comes to healthcare for New Zealanders.

NZ Herald Health News

Part of the general site, the health news pages give the latest health related news.


The Human Rights Commission

Information about human rights in NZ, race relation, the treaty, disabled peoples rights.

Department of Labour – Links Site

This is a major portal site to link you to other health and safety related sites, including ACC, occupational health and safety, Employment relations, and immigration.

Drug and Alcohol use with Diabetes

Substance abuse is described as the excessive use of a substance such as alcohol or drugs that results in significant clinical impairments as well as the loss of ability to function academically, professionally, and socially.


Addiction Psychiatry Florida

Advanced Mental Health has an exceptional team of both psychiatrists and psychologists. They offer individualized treatment approach using psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.

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